Clean oceans

For every pair of sunglasses sold, we help clean 2 kg of plastic from our oceans.

During the summer of 2018, MessyWeekend partnered with the environmental NGO 4THEPLANET (formerly PROARTSO) to found the project "ORIGINES." The initiative is determined to design a sustainable method to clean plastic waste from the Colombian Pacific and is funded by the sales of MessyWeekend sunglasses and snow goggles. Our pilot project is focused on the very remote town of Timbiqui in the Colombian jungle, where tons of plastic waste gathers on its shores. The first contract between 4THEPLANET and MessyWeekend secured the cleanup of 125 tons of plastic waste before 2022, with a 1 product = 10 kg of waste cleared from the Pacific.

Our 2019 contract with 4THEPLANET works with a 1 = 2 kg agreement, as 1 = 10 kg resulted in too much collected waste with not enough space to store it. We are now focusing on building a sustainable full-circle solution for handling and processing the plastic waste after it’s collected. This entails a significant investment in an on-site waste management facility, which is why our commitment is now 2 kg. The donation per sold MessyWeekend product is exactly the same, the difference is that 4THEPLANET is working more politically and within the local societies to inspire real change. Creating awareness and focusing on the problem at its core.

How It Works

  • How messyweekend supports

    When you buy a product from MessyWeekend, part of the revenue directly finances the waste and plastic cleanup program in the Colombian Pacific called "ORIGINES." We see ourselves as well as all our customers as equal investors in cleaner oceans.

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Morten and Marc