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Crystal Blue

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S1 M5C3 P,model S1 M5C3 P,model
  • Makalu is the sporty version of the Brooklyn - and at least just as cool. The high-quality Revo lenses are polarized and give the sunglasses an extra cool summer vibe perfect for the beach.

You are cleaning 10KG of plastic in the
 Pacific Ocean buying this product.

S1 M5C3 P S1 M5C3 P S1 M5C3 P S1 M5C3 P,model S1 M5C3 P,model
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MESSYWEEKENDs are designed in Copenhagen by a young vibrant, creative team. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do have a strong opinion about eyewear.

Cleaning the ocean

For every product we sell we donate a part of the revenue to the NGO ProArtso who facilitate the clean-up of 10kg of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean. We call this 1=10.

Makalu Polarized - Crystal Blue